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With the new tax legislation in Malaysia, you need to ensure the business is ready to comply.
Get step-by-step guide here on GST implementation. Have it done correctly & easily using the right GST compliance system & seeking expertise consultancy.
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New Malaysia tax rules w.e.f 1st Apr 2015
GST (Goods & Services Tax) is also known as value added tax in
some countries. Targeted to take effect in Malaysia from 1st Apr 2015, GST is a multi-stage consumption tax on goods and services.
Current sales tax of 6% & service tax of 10% is to be abolished,
& replaced by GST tax at 6%.
Follow the big 6 Steps
GST is a better and fairer tax system compared to SST :
More to GST than meets the eye
GST compliance required early preparation.
Get proper GST knowledge, seek consultation & tune up operation processes. Obtain system in place to deal with increase workloads: bookkeeping, submission & claims with Custom. So let's start now.
    GST & You
    To Register For GST
    Work with Pros
    Talk To Right People
    Get GST Consultancy
    Get It Right, Hassle Free
    GST Biz Practices
    Gear Up Business Operations
    Get System Ready
    System Is Compulsory
    Discuss & Collaborate With System Provider
    GST Accounting
    That Extra Bit Of Accounting
    Maintain Compliance
    Get Compliance & Remain So
    #1 GST POS System With Account & Inventory
    Totally easy to use & affordable GST system; & having knowledgeable team to get your GST live run. Being Grade A certified by Royal Custom, Smart System has pass strict certification process, which simply mean the system can take care of GST transaction inputs, able to submit Custom required forms & have the requested reports. More, the system deployments have user manuals too. 
Bare the objectives to fasten & live run GST operations, we get our people trained up to smarten & support your business operation at every turn. Used to deal with different business situations, you'll find what you need with us.
    About Smart
    Functions Here, Report There
    We've been through a lot to understand & making
    GST functions ready as Custom's requirements.
    System Input
    System Output
    Complete Flow & Functions
    • Quick system defaults
    • All 24 Custom's GST account codes defaulted
    • Complete cycle: sales, retail POS, purchase
      payments, adjustments, returns & etc
    • GST or compounded GST stock items
    • Integrated GST modules from front end POS, inventory to backend accounting
    Truly working GST your way!
    Spending months to develop GST functions into our system & getting it certified compliance is not all. With over 12,000 cases experience, we work on full engagement of system with prior demo, operation deployment consultancy, onsite training & post deployment support. Making it live run is the key; consider GST DONE! while you are at peace to focus on business matters.
    Service Ready
    Our team will be at your door step to ensure
    GST system is setup and running in no time.
    We set apart GST questionnaire to go through with each businesses' needs; better understanding means higher success rate & less delays.
    Conduct system setup & comprehensive training on GST transactions key in, submissions & reports viewing along with training documents.
    Smart GST system
    We understand the impact of GST towards business. Therefore, you'll need robust, cost-effective system
    & services. With full support, you get GST ON with minimal delay. And we are committed to that.
    Easy To Use
    Much attention is paid to make system flow & functions easy to use. Custom's requirements are all embed within; so it's just plug & play.

    Successful Run
    Preempt you to get GST consultancy, we help ensuring business is better prepared. So collaboration becomes much cost effective. GST thus live run successfully.
    GST Support
    Everyone in the company is trained. We attended GST courses & work along with Custom for latest updates. So you get most form of support in the continual way.

    No More Worry
    With proven system, ready trainers, nationwide partners, GST consultant alliance, engaging Smart system means no more worry for you over GST.
    We've been assisting many
    GST is a better and fairer tax system compared to SST :
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